- Automatic folding and gluing machine MATIO -

  • New equipment made in EU
  • MATIO 60-100 machine is a device that is made of the highest class materials and that allows for grooving and gluing in one production cycle. The basic configuration of the machine allows for gluing semi-finished one-point or two-point products
  • The machines are intended for grooving and gluing in one production cycle of special products. The device allows for making dents for further folding of an item. Thanks to the use of specialists components the machine is user-friendly and allows for immediate changes of ordered works.
  • Matio may be used both for the production of books and simple packages.
  • Standard configurations: 60, 80, 100 cm of working width.
  • Kind of materials: solid cardboard, foil.
  • Grammage: 100 – 330 g/m.
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