Printing machines

year 1987 2 colors size 36 x 52 cm standard dampening numbering and perforing system

Upon request

Year 2004 10 colours + perfecting 5+5 Size 52 x 74 cm Prinect ImageControl Color Booster Color Fast Solutions Licens Master Level Color Assistant Pre Link Memory 5000 – JobMemoryCard AutoColor Adjustment Conectivity to RIP, Pre press Maximum speed: 15,000 sph Autoplate Alcolor – Vario Technostar CombiStar Ink Temperature Control(chilled rollers)- via CP2000 Ink Line […]

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year 2001, serial nr. 6255xx 5 colours straight + coater unit size 52 x 74 cm CP 2000 Control Center Alcolor automatic film dampening Technotrans SAPC all washing devices IR dryer 157 mil. imp. Film: